Blogtown Press Continues Updates

Blogtown Press is continuing to revamp and make updates to the entire network. You can continue to look for site changes and site updates within the network. We will be continuing to expand the network to a point that allows every one of our readers to enjoy fresh, up-to-date content in a number of different […]

Blogtown Press Revamped Blog Network

We’ve brought on a new editor, and we’re looking for more writers. We’ve dropped a few sites, boosted writing on others, and changed the look of all of them. Blogtown Press is going to continue to make some design changes, bringing up logos, changing colors, etc, but we like where it’s headed. In the network […]

New Look for Blogtown Press

You’ll notice that things are getting a bit more refined around here. The saw dust is flying on we’re changing things up. Please excuse the mess while we transfer over our layout, provide better content, and bring on more and more writers to provide top quality content for you.